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MC Digital is seeking new colleagues who are ready to undertake the challenge of achieving digital transformation.
Join us and update the future with the power of digital.



If you are interested in MC Digital, we would be happy to meet with you informally to introduce our company and explain our open positions.



Work Environment

Flextime/work from home system

A flextime system with core hours from 11:00 to 16:00 is implemented. Employees are allowed to work from home, regardless of their department.

Work support

The company-owned latest model PC is offered to new employees. It is replaced with the latest model every two years.

Side jobs allowed

Employees are allowed to do side jobs, provided that a request has been made and approved in advance.

Office environment

Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided in the office. A personal locker is also provided for each employee.


Educational Support

Support for participation in Kaggle Competitions

When employees form a company team and participate in the competitions, the company will bear the expenses up to 1.2 million yen per year.

Support for the purchase of books

The company will financially support the purchase of books related to the work.

Support for the expenses concerning the acquisition of qualifications or participation in seminars

The company will support a certain amount of expenses for the acquisition of qualifications or participation in training and seminars.

Udemy Business account given

Employees are free to take Udemy courses.


Community Development

Get-together at the office

Free-of-charge get-togethers are held once a month at the office.

Support for the cost of get-togethers

The company will support the cost of departmental or project get-togethers.

Support for after-work activities

The company provides financial support for employees’ after-work activities. Activities include a board game club and a bouldering club.


1. Document screening

Read the requirements for the position you are applying for and apply using the application form.

2. Examination of assignment

Candidates are given assignments based on the position they are applying for and are requested to submit their results. Only those who pass the examination will be invited for interviews.

3. Interviews

Candidates will be interviewed by frontline staff.

4. Unofficial job offer

We will offer the terms and conditions to those who pass the interview and make an unofficial job offer.